Thursday, April 5, 2012


Nowzad needs help!
I'm not saying you have to help, but if you have it in your heart and wallet to spare a few dollars, consider Nowzad.
I first learned of Nowzad though the Rurally Screwed blog. She just got their dog, Solha, sent home, followed a few days later by her husband returning home from Afghanistan.

The following sections were taken form so you can learn a little about this organization.

"When Pen Farthing arrived in the town of Now Zad he broke up a dog fight that I was involved in outside his compound. Pen couldn't say no to my big sad eyes, and I became Pen's buddy and found myself a name...Nowzad"MissionTo relieve the suffering of animals, predominantly strays and abandoned dogs in need of care, attention and to maintain rescue facilities for the care and treatment of such animals, especially the animals of Afghanistan.In January 2011, after many months of hard toil, Nowzad opened the very first and only officially recognized animal shelter in Afghanistan. To date Nowzad has reunited more than 200 soldiers from all over the world with their much loved adopted cats and dogs and we continue to be inundated with rescue requests on a daily basis.As well as rescuing soldiers pets we also assist the local people by way of providing vaccinations for their cats and dogs and education on how to care for their pets. We meet a lot of Afghans each week who care deeply for their pets and are thrilled to bits that there is finally a place they can take their pets to show them off and have them vaccinated against disease and neutered.

An Urgent Plea from Nowzad

Afghanistan is a country of equal hope and despair that inevitably leaves a lasting impression once you have experienced the best and worse it has to offer. And now I have to inform you all that Nowzad Dogs is in trouble. For reasons completely out of our control we now find ourselves homeless. Our land rental agreement has been revoked.For the last two weeks Louise has been working tirelessly to move the dogs to a temporary shelter that is still being built! But we can only use this land for three months at the most.We have no choice – we need to buy our own plot of land and build a permanent base where we can house and look after our rescue dogs and operate a large scale ‘trap neuter release’ program that will benefit the people and dogs of Afghanistan in the long term.But it is not going to be cheap. The coalition forces and civilian contractors have pushed the price of land through the roof and we are going to need to build kennelling, a new clinic and staff accommodation.So today we start the appeal to raise $250,000 and to do it by July.We need your help – now, otherwise our dream to make a difference in Afghanistan one dog at a time is over.Too many people do not know about the work that Nowzad is trying to do in Afghanistan to make a difference. I am asking every one of you to go out and tell somebody new – please actively post about our crisis everywhere you can. And then start a funding challenge – we need every single Nowzad supporter actively working to build the new Nowzad shelter.The Nowzad family can do this – myself and all of the team here at Nowzad are not even contemplating giving up. Full details of how to donate and what you can do to help are below.Believe.Afghanistan has not beaten us yet!All the best

Pen F

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