Sunday, April 29, 2012

Grilled Cheese Week, Day 6

It's day 6 of Grilled Cheese Week, and surprisingly, no on is tired of it yet.
During dinner, I heard the words "After Grilled Cheese Week is over, we will not be as happy with a normal grilled cheese" The funny thing is, I jokingly said we should end with one. 
Processed American cheese on cheap white bread. 
It won't be quite that, but unfortunately it won't be anything exotic either. It may be whatever leftover cheeses we have in the fridge, on whatever leftover bread there is ; )

Today we had Fontina cheese, with tomatoes, and basil, on ciabatta bread.
I just love ciabatta!

This one ranked pretty high with most of us!


  1. OMG... you do food porn??? YUM..

    1. Food porn!! HA! I love that! I just spewed coffee through my nose reading that...which burned, but I couldn't stop laughing!

  2. At first I thought "A WHOLE week of grilled cheese?"... but then I scrolled through the posts... and I got hungry... and more hungry... and I decided it sounded pretty yummy to me!

  3. Fontina cheese...I've never tried it! What's it similar to?

    Tomato & basil is one of my favorite combos for sandwiches, salads, and pasta, to name a few. Those sandwiches look so delicious! Ciabatta is one of my favorites, too!


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