Thursday, March 1, 2012

Getting Ready to Garden

I know, it's still Winter, but I can't wait to do some gardening. There is something wonderful about growing your own food!
For the most part I buy all of my veggie plants from a local greenhouse. Last year I started some seeds in the house and they didn't end up so well. This year, I am trying again.
Have you heard of Sprout Robot? This website asks for your zip code and then you can check off the veggies that you would like to grow. It then gives you information on what to plant, how to plant it, and when to plant it! So, according to Sprout Robot, this week I was to start seeds for bell peppers and tomatoes. So, I grabbed a few packs of seeds and some peat pots and got to work.

The website offers step by step instructions for planting, so you know when your plants should sprout, when to thin them and when to transplant them. Go check it out and grow some food!

The internet is awesome, I love finding new and useful sites!

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  1. This is helpful! Going to go now and check out Sprout Robot. : )


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