Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Felt Flowers

Just the other day, I discovered the fun of easy felt flowers! Easy may be an understatement, these are simple and adorable! Not normally crafty? You can make these.

Materials needed:
glue - I used hot glue but you can use whatever you have that holds fabric

Cut a strip of felt from the long end.
I started out by cutting mine down the middle, this makes a taller flower. You can cut a 2 inch strip and make a shorter flower. I use the full length of the felt, but if you want smaller flowers, use less length. You can make them how you want them.

Run a strip of glue along the bottom edge and fold your strip in half to glue it together.

Cut slits all the way across your felt strip. Don't cut all the way through.

Run another strip of glue across the uncut end of your felt strip. Start at one end and roll up your felt all the way to the other end.

The blue flower is made from a half sheet of felt. the red flower started as an approximate 2 inch wide strip.

The finished flowers!

Glued near each other on a wreath.
I love making these! There is something wonderful about a project so quick and easy to make, that looks cute, and can be used for so many things! I stuck them on a wreath, but if you attach a little circle of felt to the back, you can attach them to headbands or pins and wear them! They would also be cute attached to a bag. I'm sure you can come up with many more ideas for these cute little flowers.

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