Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday 13 - Kitchen Edition

!3 random things related to baking, my kitchen, and myself.

  1. Making brownies while home alone is the best! 
  2. There's no one else here to lick the bowl ; )
  3. I am slightly addicted to making salted caramel
  4. I am also addicted to eating salted caramel
  5. While I made salted caramel brownies this morning, there was someone in my sink
  6. That someone was Tatsu, one of my bearded dragons.
  7. I don't really mind doing the dishes
  8. They get done by hand, we don't have a dishwasher
  9. Well, we do, but we have never hooked it up
  10. I don't really care to have it hooked up
  11. It makes a great spot for storing pots and pans
  12. This morning I also made coconut milk for my Sorta 'Poo
  13. I also mixed up some Nutmeg Exfoliator 

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  1. Now I feel like making salted caramel brownies. Yum! Love your bearded dragon. As to the dishwasher, I'd probably plug it in. Maybe.

    - Alice

  2. Gosh. A bearded dragon in the sink. I'm amazed!

  3. I like the looks of your dragon. My kids would be thrilled if we owned a dragon! A dishwasher as pot storage - nice idea. We also do our dishes by hand, much better quality that way, :). Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  4. Oh, wow. A bearded dragon? Cool pet.

  5. The brownie batter is way better than the brownie's themselves.

    Have a great Thursday!


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