Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday 13 - dislike

I don't like it...

  1. waking up with a headache 
  2. hot and humid days
  3. wearing shorts - it almost never happens
  4. being told how to do something - I don't take instruction well. lol
  5. falling asleep while watching something that I want to see - so I try not to lie down
  6. when someone else gets to the bathroom just before I get there - having only one bathroom sucks
  7. when I finish an amazing book - I feel like I've lost friends
  8. when I forget to bring a book with me - I'm early to a fault, so a book helps time pass
  9. forgetting to bring my water bottle - it goes everywhere I go, these days
  10. running out of ibuprofen
  11. when we are supposed to get a thunderstorm and it misses completely
  12. the neighbor's yippy dogs at 5am
  13. my dvd player - it's acting wonky

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  1. I don't take instruction well, either. It's a fault! LOL. Nor do I often wear shorts.

    Great list!

  2. I realy dislike waking up early in the bathroom on a hot humid day, surrounded by yippy dogs and without either a water bottle or a book to read Ick!

    Things I like: Among many other things, this list.

  3. Waking up with a headache is horrible. I generally count on sleep to help me get rid of them.

  4. Most of these things would make me cranky too!

  5. I definitely agree on the yippy dog, headaches, and finishing amazing books!


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