Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Dirty Little Secret

I admit it, I have a dirty little secret.
It's not something that I'm really too ashamed to own up to, obviously. If I were a part of the foodie blogging community, I'd probably be an outcast, shunned for my ways. But I've never really fit in much anyway, so I will let you in on this secret...

There it is. I use boxed, store bought, cake mix.

Now, I don't always use cake mix, but more often than not, I do. And you know what? They taste good. I use them just as they are, usually there is no doctoring of the mix involved. I own it. If someone raves about my cake, I'll tell them it came from a box.

My icing, on the other hand, is only store bought if it's Rainbow Chip. Or, occasionally if I am using it for something other than cakes.

There you go, now you know my dirty little secret.

*Yes, that is black icing. My daughter requested pink and black cupcakes for her birthday. After all, sometimes a party just isn't a party unless your mouth turns colors from eating the cake! ;)

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